What People are Using to Master Beer, Wine and Drinks
You'll be surprised how easy and effective this process is...
You're Gonna Learn...
There are only two types of beer - lager and ale. Lagers and ales use an entirely different type of yeast during fermentation. People use Rad Bar to explore beer in a whole new way.
Champagne must only come from France, and Prosecco must only come from Italy. People travel the globe in the app, tasting all of the world's wines. Rad Bar is an easy and relaxing way to have fun.
Can you name five classic cocktails to order in any bar? You will learn the "classic" cocktails plus some new school drinks. People will certainly gain new skills and life knowledge by playing Rad Bar.
I never knew that I could feel this smart about wine. This app made me feel motivated, energized, and ready to drink. Now I enjoy wine twice as much! "
-Janice W., California
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